NextGen Blockchain Technologies


Our core belief is that public blockchain-based crypto assets are going to fundamentally reshape capital markets. We build protocols and applications to make this a reality. Today, we are focused on improving the infrastructure surrounding crypto asset trading.


NextGen is a research and development studio for crypto protocols and software applications. Specifically we're focused on the decentralized finance protocol stack, and applications that help drive adoption of the crypto asset class.

Founding Team

Andrew Young, CEO

Quantitative Equity Researcher, Quantified Alpha
Trading Products Analyst, BMO Capital Markets
Quantitative Researcher,

Jake Hannah, COO

Finance & Entrepreneurship, Ivey Business School
Portfolio Risk Analyst, CIBC
Equity Research Analyst, Comindus Funds

Julian Wilson, CTO

Applied Math & Computer Engineering, Queen's University
Data Engineer, BMO Capital Markets
Full-Stack Engineer, BMO Global Structured Products

Credit Derivatives on the Ethereum Blockchain

CDx is a protocol for creating, issuing, and exchanging tokenized derivatives on a public blockchain. The CDx smart contracts will be permission-less to utilize.

CDx allows market participants to price and trade counterparty risk amongst each other, improving risk management and driving efficiency to the crypto capital markets

Decentralized Derivative Exchange

CDex is a non-custodial decentralized exchange for tokenized credit derivatives built on top of the CDx protocol, covering five different markets.

Alternative Datasets for the Crypto Asset Class

Cika is a next-generation data and insights platform for crypto asset traders and investors, serving high-integrity, alternative datasets to consumers through both APIs and a beautifully designed front-end application.